A while back I mentioned that Dragon Stones was now available on Amazon.com and BN.com, but Long Before Dawn hadn’t arrived there yet.  I recently took another look and LBD still wasn’t out in the big stores.  So I went back to Lulu and took a closer look at the project and noticed that, way down under the “price” section, it said something to the effect of “To be set when your book is approved”.  So evidently I forgot to click the “Approve” button after getting my last proof of LBD way back in, oh, April was it?  Just think of all the millions of dollars in sales I’ve lost because of that!  😐

Anyway, I have now clicked the “Approve” button, so Long Before Dawn should be showing up on Amazon.com and the other outlets soon.

4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Oh that is classic! I’ll have to check it out. A nice good vampire book for October might be what I need.

    Jim says: Hi Amanda! I fished your comment out of the Akismet spam list — you would think Akismet would know who you are by now …

    Anyway, Long Before Dawn fits the bill of a good vampire book IMHO, but you have to like the old-style evil vampires, not the newfangled pale romantic tormented vampires a la Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. (I already covered what I think of those vampires in an earlier post …)


  2. D’OH! Oh James, we is writers, not people who, like, notice all he thingummies on letters and web pages and stuff. I filed the last tax invoice from my publisher without seeing that if I signed it and sent it back I would get royalties. Oops. Goodbye interest that I will never get in my bank account. We is writers, I say, creative dammit!! Leftbrained!

    Jim says: See, this is why we need people to take care of these things for us!


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