So today, when trying to visit any site at Blogspot, I am getting this message from Google:

I’ve heard reports about this phenomenon on the tech podcasts I listen to (in particular it seems to frequently afflict Leo Laporte, for some reason) but this is the first time I’ve seen it myself. Mind you, I’m running Linux over here, so the probability that I actually have viruses or spyware is somewhere between nil and negligible. I’m thinking that maybe the warning should say something like this instead:

We’re sorry…

… but Windows has made the Internet such an unsafe place, crawling with botnets and spyware, that we are being super-paranoid and even though your browser headers* identify you as running Linux, we’re still not going to show you the page you want.

I have a suggestion for Google … just block everyone who’s running any version of Windows earlier than Vista, and let the rest of us visit you in peace.

* I realize that browser headers can be spoofed. I’m just using this as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Windows, since I haven’t done that in a while.

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