Where’s Jim?

I’m still here!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed two things in the last few months:

  1. My posts have slowed down
  2. The promised edition of Father’s Books is nowhere to be found

These two items are of course closely related.  The main reason for both of them is that I’ve been having so much fun writing Dennis’s Diary of Destruction that I haven’t made much headway at all editing Father’s Books for the last couple of months.  I’m sure that I’ll finish it eventually, but for now, the adventures of my gullible, narcissistic, grammatically-challenged, slightly paranoid vizsla seem to be taking precedence.  Why?  Let’s trot out another list:

  1. Immediate feedback in the form of comments is pretty gratifying
  2. I’m enjoying the change of writing absurd comedy and slapstick instead of horror (I would say that much of Dennis’s diary still qualifies as fantasy, my other major genre)
  3. I never made any money off my books anyway

So if you were breathlessly waiting for Father’s Books (that’s okay, I know you weren’t), I apologize for the delay.  But in the meantime, can I interest you in some GIMPed pictures and nonsensical conspiracy theories?

12 thoughts on “Where’s Jim?

  1. Hahaha 🙂 I am enjoyed Dennis’s Diary a lot. How do you photo shop so well! I love the Holmes look. Maybe you should make a “real” diary and get that published. It would be a hilarious book.


  2. I truly enjoy Dennis’ adventures and feel there may be some future in it for you. (Children’s books, cartoons, online fame.) Brilliant stuff! I agree, a large part of blogging is the immediate gradification gotten from peoples comments. It sort of eggs one on, yeah? The comments inspire me to write more and better entries. Keep up the fine and entertaining blogging, James. We all need a giggle in our day!


  3. We think you should publish Dennis’s Diary, we ca’t get enough of his misadventures, and Daily Dose of Drama and Destruction. We LOVE IT!
    Your Faithful Readers,
    Daisy the Pink Dog and Annie (Daisy’s Momma)
    Oh, and Roscoe someimes but he is very jealous of all the fuss.


  4. There it is James – the balance of the serious writing with the fun stuff! That’s exactly why I love having a lighter side of life blog, so it balances my death’s head short stories! 🙂 Maybe we have split personality Muses?


  5. ok going out on a limb here … but why not write a book by Dennis or about Dennis like you do on your blog? If Marley can be made into a book and movie, why can’t Dennis?


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