Review: “The Host”

This week’s Netflix selection was The Host, a Korean monster/comedy/action/horror/satire film in which a giant mutant tadpole type thing terrorizes the vicinity of the River Han in Seoul. (No, seriously!)

Okay, so this setup probably sounds like a recipe for disaster, but this was actually the most enjoyable monster movie romp I’ve seen in years. The monster is appropriately horrifying and grotesque, the government’s response is amusingly inept, the satire is biting (no doubt even more so if you’re from or familiar with South Korea), and the family dynamic believably dysfunctional. When the monster first appears, swimming in the water, the bystanders on shore have probably the most realistic reaction I’ve ever seen in a monster movie: They start throwing beer cans and garbage at it. This is the same sort of thing that happens in Shaun of the Dead when our heroes react to the zombie plague by taking pictures. But this monster has a propensity for bringing people back to its lair in the sewer so it can eat them later, and after it carries off young Hyun-seo, her family goes to extreme measures to try to rescue her.

I was relieved to see, finally, a monster movie where the characters actually have a believable reason to risk their own lives in an incredibly long-odds rescue attempt. (Although I enjoyed Cloverfield, it definitely fell into the “why-are-these-people-being-this-stupid” category of amateur heroics.) I can’t think of any scenes that played false, not even the hilariously over-the-top mourning scene early on when the family is confronted by a picture of the presumed-dead Hyun-seo in a gymnasium turned refugee center. (This reminded me of Ed Helms’s staged nervous breakdown at a political convention on The Daily Show, which just made it funnier.) Although all the principal characters were interesting and the acting excellent, far and away my favorite was Bae Doona as Park Nam-joo, Hyun-seo’s aunt, who plays a professional competitive archer with an unfortunate tendency to hesitate before firing. Just shoot, Auntie! (Disclaimer: We watched it in Korean with English subtitles. I have no idea if the dubbed English voices are any good.)

For obvious reasons, my wife was extremely skeptical about The Host, but she ended up enjoying it. (Really!) It put her to sleep in about an hour and fifteen minutes. (In contrast, she stayed awake throughout Cloverfield, but that’s because she was playing on the computer and ignoring it.) When we finished up The Host later in the week, she stayed awake for the rest of it.

The Host is rated R for violence but it’s not particularly gory at all, except perhaps for one scene where the monster disgorges the bones of its victims. That was kind of nasty. Still, if this is an R movie, then so is The Dark Knight, and it wasn’t. So there!

7 thoughts on “Review: “The Host”

  1. I’m intrigued, and this isn’t usually my chosen movie “genre.” Interesting to ponder the license a “sci-fi” movie can give citizens to comment on their own societies (not that South Korea is terribly repressive at this point, Bit Still.)

    Wall-E delighted me for a number of reasons, but in very large part because of its own devastating (and hilarious) commenatry on our OWN society.

    Thanks for the warning re violence, too. i think I can handle a bit of bone-spitting..

    Jim says: I do have to say that in addition to their own government, one of the targets for satire is the American military presence in South Korea; but on the other hand, an off-duty American soldier cuts a heroic figure during the initial monster attack. Which is perhaps as it should be: Gratitude toward the individual soldiers regardless of one’s position on the larger military situation.


  2. dear james, i never saw that movie. but i was wondering if you knew that trouble has gotten rid of dennis, trixie and tucker and hijacked dennis blog and renamed it! froscoe and i are worried, and are in the mojave desert looking for dennis. we can hear him barking. just thought you should know!

    Jim says: Is THAT why it’s been so quiet around here? Trouble, what have I told you about kidnapping the dogs?


  3. I just finished watching it and, assuming someone set the subtitle-less movie prior to my getting it from the library, the dubbing was surprisingly well-done and the voices believable, as well. (I usually watch with subtitles but found it very easy to watch it dubbed, which usually REALLY turns me off!)
    While I’m not sure it is my favorite monster movie, it gets a very good rating from me. T
    hanks for the recommendation.


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