The Depressing Song Challenge

Dennis recently got tagged by Tony in Tasmania to do the Depressing Song Challenge, but since he doesn’t usually listen to the lyrics, he asked me to handle the challenge for him.  So here I present my current top depressing song and video, “Broken”, by Seether, featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence:

This song, of course, is what Dennis’s friend Vampy Vic would no doubt refer to as “Emo”.  The reason it’s at the top of the list is because it’s sort of become Tucker’s theme song since he started having his strange symptoms.  (I am in fact not permitted to play it when Tucker and my wife are in the room, because it makes her tear up.)  Fortunately we have finally hit on a treatment that seems to be helping him, the details of which will appear on Dennis’s Diary of Destruction in the future, after we’ve had a little more time to assess its long-term effects.

According to the rules of the challenge, three victims must be tagged to complete the challenge as well.  I’ll pass this along to the aforementioned  Vampy Vic,  Belle Narcissa, and Shadow over at One Door Away from Heaven.

11 thoughts on “The Depressing Song Challenge

  1. Turned the speaker up and enjoyed it. I love their voices and their harmony!! So that’s what Emo is. I’ve been wondering.
    Thinking about sweet Tucker.


  2. Hahaha…I think I’m the only one who cracks up over Emo. My favorite line in a song was “my only problem is I care too much” or something like that. I just busted up laughing.


  3. Love it! Dennis said nobody reads your blog. I think he might be telling porkies…

    Just noticed that Dennis’s Daddy is a Famous Author! Your books look like my kind of reading. I shall investigate further. I used to read books a lot but not so much lately as I spend so much time reading blogs… Duhr, not enough hours in the night!

    I do hope Tucker will be okay. Sending good vibes for him:) xxx


  4. An emo heart may well beat beneath my DH’s business suit…he came running in as soon as I played it and says that Amy and the lead snger broke up not long after this song? Who is this man I married?

    Imagine if Dennis could get his paws on those lovely feathery wings she’s wearing!


  5. EEk! Dec 18 and I’m just now reading! I keep getting behinder.

    I just listened to U2’s cover of “I believe in Father Christmas” and *that* was pretty depressing. WHAT KIND OF A CHRISTMAS SONG IS THAT, demanded my 12 yr old when it was playing on YouTube.

    I like U2’s “Peace on Earth,” however, though it is also depressing. Not that I only listen to U2, but that’s all I can come up with at the mo..


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  7. Hahahh Vic and I would call that very EMO, but it is strangely nice! 🙂 I like it, but I also love Amy’s voice, not as good and Tarja from Nightwish but a little bot close 🙂

    hehe It is funny that you tagged Vic because today is the first day we have finally gotten off our butts and remembered to get over here 🙂 been wanting too, just by the end of checking all the updated blogs I have forgotten everything I set out to do! AARRGGHH hehe

    I am VERY curious about Tucker’s “condition” now, I must have missed something in a post? 😦

    LOL it is so hard to talk OOC, even when I speak to people sometimes I am speaking like Vic .. oh yes.. I am a worry 😉

    P.S. I like your blog very much! I was having a poke around this morning (while I had only one hand, the other cradling Vic on my lap) I am trying to find some of your books! ( I read while walking on the treadmill) there is a lot to be said for multi tasking!.. anyway I can’t wait 🙂

    Jodi 🙂
    (Vic’s Momma)


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