The Early Years: “Time Warp Part Two”

Back in the day I used to watch a lot (a LOT) of “Dr. Who” on PBS. There wasn’t much in the way of SF on television when I was a kid, so the strange import from the BBC was always a treat. I would suspect that “Dr. Who” was a heavy influence on the short little excerpt that follows.

Unfortunately, “The Time Warp Part One” is nowhere to be found, so I have no idea what led up to this point, why our heroes (hmm, Jim and John … I wonder who they are) have been captured and brought before Doctor X, or even who Doctor X is.  But I’ll bet he looks like Blofeld.

Oh, and, again with the red ink.   I’m starting to wonder if I ever typed anything in black, aside from Rabbit’s journal; and I probably only typed that in black so I could get the contrast effect when Rabbit wrote “horrible messages in blood” …

7 thoughts on “The Early Years: “Time Warp Part Two”

  1. Red ink is just so much bolder.

    Speaking of good SciFi — My DH and I (who can no longer stand watching commercial tv, but who are also too cheap to spring for cable) have recently been watching DVD version of the Battlestar Galactica remake. The 2 hour (or was it 4 hour?) premiere episode was AWESOME.

    We also enjoy episodes of BBC’s (thanks, Netflix!) “Red Dwarf” Sci-fi sit-com. The whole thing is done with just a couple actors on a minimalist set, but it is REALLY clever.

    Anyhoo, ya just got me started..


  2. Without appearing rude, which Doctor Who were you watching back then: the silver haired gentleman in the green velvet blazer, ot Tom Baker with the wild curly hair and multi striped scarf, or…..? Enquiring minds want to know 🙂

    Jim says: There’s only one Dr. Who for me — Tom Baker and his scarf! My all-time favorite TARDIS lineup is The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan. (Romana was okay too.) However, I also like the silver-haired gentleman, as well as the rather reckless blonde fellow who came along after Tom Baker’s Doctor regenerated …


  3. Hello Jim,
    As a former teacher, I try to avoid red ink. I always used a different color–like purple or green–when grading papers. No one likes to receive a graded paper bleeding red.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.


  4. I can see a kid loving to use red ink. Anything to be different. Every time I see you young writing, I am so amazed that you’ve had that creativity all your life.


  5. I remember watching Dr. Who when I was growing up in Buffalo via a broadcast out of Toronto. We had this motorized antenna on the roof that we could set for different channels. The antenna seemed so high tech till we got cable. I remember thinking Dr Who was the greatest show on TV. I just loved the sound the TARDIS makes. Sometimes I would have dreams that I was a companion.


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