And On The Sixth Day

In place of the usual random rejection letter or snarky review, this week, we have my installment of The Sixth Photo, which Dennis’s friend MyEye tagged me to do.  In my case, the sixth item in the sixth folder was another folder, so I took the sixth picture from inside there.  I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that it’s a picture of a dog.

This is a scanned print of Tucker when he was about two years old, sitting in front of our house in New York, where the irises grew.


This isn’t our truck; it probably belongs to a roofer who did some work on the house for us not long after we bought it.  The area with the irises would be off to the right in this picture.

Front Angle

The irises grew in a swampy area in front of the great room (where the large windows and high peak are). Right now they’d be buried in snow, but they’re probably still there, underneath the frozen ground, waiting for spring.  When they bloom, though, there will be no vizsla there to sit in front of them.

Front Distant

Poor irises. I hope they aren’t too lonely.

10 thoughts on “And On The Sixth Day

  1. That’s a nice looking house. The wife and I have always liked the log cabin look. If you are missing the cold weather, it’s in the single digits here right now.


  2. I can’t believe that is Tucker! he looks gorgeous! And well the Iris 🙂
    Your old home is really nice! Kind of rustic.. yet not 🙂
    I can just imagine it with all the beautiful snow surrounding it.
    Do you ever miss being there? 🙂

    Jim says: We miss the house and the 6.9 acres of land, but not the snow!


  3. Irises are my all-time favorite flower. You wanna know something funny–I have an old photo of me in front of irises, sitting almost the same way Tucker is (well, a little more feminine, ha ha). This picture totally reminds me of that. Tucker is a lot cuter, though.

    Your old house was gorgeous on the outside, btw.


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