The Early Years: The Bike With A Brain

For school assignments, I always wrote a lot of what could charitably called “speculative fiction” (or, less charitably, “nonsense”).  Here’s a very short example, most likely from elementary school, although it’s hard to tell because I didn’t bother to date it, or even to put my name on it:

The astute reader may recall a story arc from the classic comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” in which Calvin’s bicycle goes all Christine and tries to kill him.  I can only assume that Calvin’s father bought the bike from this story after I put it up for sale.  All I can say is, caveat emptor.

9 thoughts on “The Early Years: The Bike With A Brain

  1. What great things you’re finding – I’m envious. I’d love to have assignments from that age left around, somewhere.

    Jim says: I can’t take the credit — my parents keep finding this stuff in the basement back home in New York! 😉


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