The Early Years: Haunted House

This week, we have a lovely piece of artwork from the archives:


A haunted house — right up my alley!  We have a ghost, a couple of bats (or are they crows?), a squiggle that might or might not be a black cat, an owl, a mysterious face in the dormer window, and what appears to be a banana (but is no doubt supposed to be the moon) floating in the sky.  And what scary thing did I draw inside the house?  Let’s unfold it and see!


Aaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeee!!!  It’s my name!  Oh, wait, that’s not very scary.  Not even when it’s upside-down.  And so once again we see why I didn’t do my own artwork when I was doing comic books …

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4 thoughts on “The Early Years: Haunted House

  1. That’s actually a really nice drawing compared to my “early works” (which were a lot more… unicorn-filled). And I think the message being sent by the younger you is pretty clear. “Jim” upside down is “wir.” Wisconsin Immunization Registry?!?! Nooooo!!!!!


  2. As you may have noticed, I love kid art.

    This archival item has the additional interest of featuring an actual bit of blurry blue ditto ink, a true archaism which Road Show people would probably pay big bucks for now.


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