Not A Review Of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”

From the “I Don’t Think That’s How They Described It In The Pitch Meeting” department:

"Aunty Entity will return Mad Max's camels if he will fight the giant Blaster in a barbaric caged arena."

Ummm … yeah, I would go see this based on that summary. Sure. I’m all about seeing Mad Max get his camels back.  We’re talking about cigarettes, right?

This was one of my favorite movies in the 1980s, and so my wife and I watched it for a while (by which I mean that I watched it, and my wife stared at the television in more or less utter disbelief). This resulted in a couple of exchanges that I found amusing:

When Tina Turner shows up:
Me: “Do you recognize her?”
Wife: “She looks familiar … Aretha Franklin?”
During the Thunderdome fight:
Wife: “Is this a cult movie?”
Me: “Yes … how can you tell?”
Wife: “Because it’s ridiculous.”

I’m not sure what’s ridiculous about a couple of guys, one of whom is a giant wearing a massive helmet, hopping around in a dome-shaped cage while attached to huge rubber bands that let them fly through the air.  Oh, sure, when Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon does it, it’s art, but when Mad Max does it, it’s ridiculous!  Maybe it’s because in Crouching Tiger you couldn’t see the rubber bands …

Anyway, she fell asleep shortly after the Thunderdome scene, still unconvinced that she was seeing an iconic film from the 1980s. Oh well.

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8 thoughts on “Not A Review Of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”

  1. lol. Hilarious! Thanks.

    (how do you make your blog just show the first bit of the post? Is it only because of the template you are using or can one do it with any template?)


  2. I am repeatedly impressed by your wife’s exquisitely tuned movie resistance system. I would not be surprised to hear that you’ve figured out some way to market it, once you’ve developed a calibration system of some sort.


  3. Ah, sounds like movie time at our house. One of us picks a terrible yet dear to our heart classic, and the other one complains until they fall asleep. 🙂


  4. Hey Dennis Dada!

    Momma says Mrs. Dada is silly because she (my momma) loves mad max movies. Whatever. She also thought Waterworld was good especially when the human pup gets thrown off the boat. Yuh, no doggies, though, so why bother.



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