The Early Years: Accident-Prone Much?

From the “Doesn’t This Happen To Everyone?” Department:

Hmm, you would think I would have gotten used to “going to get stitches” since it happened to me so often. Also, I sense a bit of a continuity problem between “being in bed” being a safe thing and “being alone at night” being a scared thing, given that when I was in bed I was alone. (Oh, wait, that was when I was in college … when I was little, I always had my stuffed animals to keep me company.) And finally, this is clearly from before we all knew how dangerous “playing outside” is; I never wore a helmet, and I didn’t carry pepper spray OR a GPS tracking unit so I could be found after being abducted. Whew, dodged a bullet there.

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4 thoughts on “The Early Years: Accident-Prone Much?

  1. Well of course that is before we knew that being outside was so perilous. I kind of miss the gene pool thinning days of no helmets and bows and arrows.


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