Things You Probably Won’t Be Able To Pay For By Selling Short Stories

Don’t get excited. It’s just a loaner while my real car (which costs less than a third as much as this one) is in the shop. Oh, and also, don’t forget to vote for the next scene of the month!


  1. I always get the new edition of my van when I get a loaner: it’s like living the dream.
    I have a very small dream, I guess.

    I’m always amazed they let the foreigner drive away in such a fabulous amazing machine.
    I have very small amazements, I guess.

    That thing could turn into a robot in a movie possibly!


  2. Transformers, Volvos in disguiiiiiise
    You wouldn’t want to get your hair jammed between the folding bits when the roof was coming back on. So is that all it does??? My car actually drives places….


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