Teaser Tuesday 1/29/2013: “Gust Front”

Well I’m now at 83% of the way through Gust Front by John Ringo.  The Posleen have arrived with an army of a few million heavily armed centaur-shaped aliens.  What do you do when you’re outnumbered a hundred to one by enemy berserkers?  You do this:

The specialist looked around at the white markers drifting off into the distance and shook his head. He suspected that the residents would understand the unseemly nature of the platoon’s passage, but dislike the running away part.

The “white markers” mentioned above would be these. First Asheville took it on the chin, now Virginia. What have SF writers got against the mid-Atlantic? I blame Washington, D.C.

And of course here’s this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels!

Cynidece headed for the kitchen. She made to put the spyglass on one of the tables, but at a clucking sound from the dwarf she stopped. “You know better than leave that out lying around! Elves are all right, but this one is thief! I count all my bowls and spoons after you leave. Ha!”

With an apologetic glance at Bernard, Cynidece picked up the telescope and brought it with her into the cooking area. The door screeched shut behind her.

Bernard sighed and gave Mercy a look. She said: “What?”

“I bet this sort of thing never happens to scouts,” he said.

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