Teaser Tuesday 2/5/2013: “Gust Front”

Still reading Gust Front by John Ringo — this is one big book!  Since last week’s excerpt was all about running away, I thought it would be appropriate for this week’s excerpt to be about what happens when the invaders reach Washington, D.C., and begin trying to take the Mall and, specifically, the Washington Monument.  As a bonus, it’s from the point of view of the same person whose unit was fleeing through Arlington National Cemetery, too.

I am not giving the horses the goddamn monument!” screamed Keren, leaping off the track and striding over to shove the still-warm gun into the face of the recalcitrant gunner.  “We have run and run and run and we are not gong to run anymore!

Emphasis Ringo’s.  You tell ’em, Keren.  Bad horses.

And of course here’s this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels!

“Shouldn’t we … I don’t know, wait for Cynidece to get back?”

“You heard her. She’ll be back in time for the hocus-pocus.”

Yeah, you don’t want to miss that hocus-pocus. But if you do, it’ll be on again next Halloween.

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