Teaser Tuesday 6/25/2013: “Hal Spacejock”

So this week I’m reading a book called Hal Spacejock, by Simon Haynes. (This is after polishing off the very short post-apocalyptic SF book H2O, by Irving Belateche, which while not making it to Teaser Tuesday, is notable because a central plot point is the remnant of the Internet that still exists in its devastated world. The Internet scrap is called the Line, capitalized, which caused me to draw constant comparisons between it and the Line from The Half-Made World. Needless to say, H2O did not benefit from the comparison. But I digress.)

Anyway, Hal Spacejock is a SF satire about a deep space freighter pilot named, um, Hal Spacejock (I don’t know yet if that’s his real name or not) who, so far, has not done much more than lose at chess to his navigational computer. Hey, Hal, some advice from the past? Even in the year 2013, 99.999% of humans can’t beat the computers at chess anymore, so don’t even try.

“What kind of offer?” asked Hal suspiciously. He’d already picked up his chess set in an ‘exclusive limited deal’, using a banner ad embedded in the article, and he still wasn’t convinced the pieces were carved from rare mint wood.

Okay. Hal. More advice from the past. Never click on the banner ads. Unless it’s a banner ad for one of my books, of course, like the forthcoming The War of the Ravels!

She walked deliberately toward the guffawing cook. He didn’t seem to realize she was approaching until she was close enough to touch him without stretching her arm, at which point he abruptly stopped laughing and instead looked at her curiously, the way someone might look at an unexpectedly bold squirrel.

Readers of Shards get one guess who’s approaching the cook. I would explain why that guess will be right and wrong at the same time, but …


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