That First Draft Is A Doozy

Despite some recent challenges with the dogs, I finally finished up the first draft of the heavily-rewritten The War of the Ravels, which concludes the story begun in Shards. At almost 50% longer than part one, The War of the Ravels wraps up the contest between Mercy, Kihantroh, and a few new players in the quest to reassemble Tyndallëau’s Heart and put it to use saving the world, or something.

“Mercy?” Bernard’s voice seemed to come from very far away, even though he was only on the other side of the mounded mist. “What’s going on? Is this what you expected to happen?”

“No,” she said, “it’s not.”

Well, it wraps the contest up, but doesn’t necessarily put a bow on it. Anyway, next up will be printing it out, marking it up, editing it, and repeating, so a final version is still several months away, but the end is in sight! And for those who are waiting for a paper version of Shards, I’m expecting that to be available by the end of the year, once TWotW is finalized and out on the Kindle and the Nook. Progress all around! Although not, perhaps, the sort of progress Mercy was expecting …

3 thoughts on “That First Draft Is A Doozy

  1. Congrats on this. I love that you are so dedicated to your writing. Although I must admit I thoroughly miss Dennis blog and all his looney adventures. Speaking of how is Tucker doing?? I hope he is feeling better. I know it’s hard to see them grow old.


    1. Oh I miss writing Dennis’s daily adventures, too. What I need to do is make enough money at writing to be able to do both. 🙂 Tucker is still recovering — he went in for a recheck today and still has some fluid in his lungs, but he’s doing better than we expected at this point. He even wanted to go for a walk yesterday, though he only made it about 100 feet and I had to carry him home. The little guy has more lives than a cat!


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