Teaser Tuesday 7/30/2013: “Reversion: The Inevitable Horror”

This week I’m reading Reversion: The Inevitable Horror, by one J. Thorn, which purports to be for fans of Clive Barker, Stephen King’s story “The Langoliers”, or a previous Teaser Tuesday entry, Hugh Howey’s Wool.  I can sort of see the comparison to “The Langoliers” in that Reversion also takes place in a world (possibly a pocket dimension) that is in the process of disintegrating, but (so far, anyway) it is nothing like Wool or anything I’ve read by Clive Barker.  In fact I wouldn’t even categorize it as horror, despite the presence of hordes of zombies, who mostly stand around in large groups attempting to prevent Our Heroes from moving.  In that, they are not unlike all the drivers who clog the freeways around Southern California.  Hmm, perhaps it’s a horror novel after all …

The creatures had reassembled, following his motion.  They shambled along, thirty feet below.  Samuel closed his eyes and kept moving until he came to the main trunk of the next tree.  He slapped the trunk and let out a victory holler, the only sound wave in the barren landscape.

Meanwhile, editing continues on the first draft of the rewritten conclusion of Shards.  Here is this week’s teaser from the hard copy I’m working on which, since I’m getting close to the end of this pass of editing-on-paper, comes with a warning to beware of …


Brennendah did not answer; he was staring at the pool of fog.

“Do you think they went in there?”

“Highly doubtful,” the Rittandic said.  “Untelleh did not escape the Æther only to enter it again.  And Kihantroh’s intention is to seal the Æther, not explore it.”

I am thinking about rechristening this book to simply be The Ravels, as the “war” of the original title (The War of the Ravels) has pretty much been eliminated in this version.  If only real wars were so easy to avert!  Besides, after A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder, I could stand to have books with shorter titles …

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