See You On The Flip Side

Last week, I reached into my huge pile of old correspondence from bygone days when I was looking for an agent and/or publisher instead of putting my books out directly, which led to a re-posting of some ancient (and extremely extensive) correspondence from David H. Morgan, a literary agent and editor who is now, apparently, associated with the University of Richmond. In this correspondence Mr. Morgan explained that, to conserve paper, he was recycling rejected disposable manuscripts by using the clean side for his letter, a fact that generated a bit of interest (Mango Momma: “I want to see what’s on the back of that rejection letter.”) So here we go!

The Front Side The Back Side
CCF01012012_00001 CCF22032014_00000How did the NSA find out classified information?  Probably because they’re the NSA.
CCF01012012_00002 CCF22032014_00001I  have no idea what’s going on here.  Genetically engineered ostrich eggs, maybe.
CCF01012012_00003 CCF22032014_00002Eventually, J.D. did give up on homesteading, and decided to become a doctor.
CCF01012012_00004 CCF22032014_00003This would appear to be Camelot ported to a corporate setting.  Uther sounds
exactly the way one would expect a corporate toady to sound when confronted
with a bone chip, mucus, and ichor-oozing concave-faced witch.  Or an angry
group of stockholders. At least they pay good wages, though.

2 thoughts on “See You On The Flip Side

  1. #1 – WTF is a Dernique
    #2 – I’m getting hungry
    #3 – “I am not an animal!”
    #4 – What kind of idiot would leave mum’s I.D. amulet with somebody named Gwen? Very irresponsible.


  2. Saved from a vampire in a church? Joe doesn’t sound quite right… I think I heard “Born Free” playing in the background when J.D. ran across his land. I think Arthur did more with that mushroom that hold it in his palm. 0.o


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