Teaser Tuesday 7/22/14: “Arisen, Book Two: Mogadishu of the Dead”

So this week I’m reading the second book in the “Arisen” series, Mogadishu of the Dead (aka “Chicago”), in which some of Our Surviving Heroes from Fortress Britain make a run to the New World in search of a cure for the zombie plague, and possibly for a nice deep dish pizza.

“Game over, man. Game over!”

The eight-man team was going to parachute directly into Chicago and try to get out with a vaccine developed there by a biotech called NeuraDyne Neurosciences. They were going to HAHO jump out over Lake Michigan, fly in on the prevailing winds, land on top of the target building, and fight their way down to the labs. And that was the easy part.

Hmm eight men?  Chicago?  I hope they have better luck than these guys …

Say it ain’t so, Zombie Joe!

Meanwhile, I am now within 128 pages of the end of editing The War of the Ravels. The end is nigh! Of the editing job, and possibly of the world …

“Well, that spell is doing something,” Cynidece said. She actually sounded worried, Mercy thought, and if she was worried then the rest of them should probably be downright terrified.

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