Fixed That For You Friday: Down At (Uncle) Joe’s Garage

From the “Just In Case You Thought Seven Years Of Doing A Blog Where You Treat Your Dog Like Zelig Wouldn’t Teach You Any Useful Skills Department”:

My dad sent an old and very damaged photo to me to see if I could clean it up a little. Here’s the actual condition of the photograph:

My Uncle’s Garage Circa 70 Years Ago, Original Version

No, the garage isn’t being attacked by alien energy weapons that caused the truck to explode; that sort of thing happens more on my other blog, where the image editors Acorn and Pixelmator are unleashed to visit all sorts of disasters on my poor adventuring dogs Dennis and Trixie.

Yet where Pixelmator may destroy, it may also repair:

My Uncle’s Garage Circa 70 Years Ago, Pixelmatored Version

Well, Pixelmator, and lopping off the cab of a picture of a 1937 Diamond-T and putting it in where the actual cab exploded may repair it, anyway. (I tend to prefer Acorn when doing panels for Dennis’s blog because it does very well with word balloons and such, but when it comes to photo editing and retouching I usually find myself back in Pixelmator. Your mileage, of course, may vary.)

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