“Shards” Print Edition: 634 Pages/20 Years = 31.7 Pages Per Year

The paperback edition of Shards is finally available at Amazon, and soon to be available everywhere else. Huzzah!


So I did some math, as noted above. (The astute reader will note that I’m including Ravels, whose print edition clocks in at 350 pages, in that page count. It’s technically not available yet, but should be within a few weeks. Close enough!) That’s not a lot of pages per year. But if you strike the 15 years when “Strings” was sitting in a drawer on a hard drive not getting worked on, it comes out to 126.8 pages per year. Still not great, but a little less slackerish! Those full-time (and often more-than-full-time), bill-paying jobs do cut into one’s writing time …

Those who’ve been around me for a while may recall reading an extremely early computer printout (possibly even dot matrix!) version of Shards. You know who you are.


I know everyone is waiting for a sequel to Dragon Stones. What is left to guard, anyway?* Well I don’t know yet myself, actually, but perhaps we will all find out someday!

*If you’ve read Dragon Stones then I’m sure you know what this is referring to. If you haven’t read it, I can’t explain, because …

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