Teaser Tuesday 4/28/15: “All Saints’ Secrets”

So at the moment I’m sort of between books — I’ve started and tossed three or four free books I got from BookBub that I didn’t care for. I just started one now called All Saints’ Secrets, by Nichole Loughan. I’m still not far enough into it to know if I’m going to continue reading (my Kindle says 4%, which is not very many pages in on a 145-page book), and I got it so long ago that I don’t even remember what it’s about, but I do know I like the cover:

Don't blink.
Don’t blink.

He smelled like laundry detergent, spice and a little bit of cologne. I inhaled deeply when I noticed that he smelled better than I thought.

Ummmm hmmm okay …  Well, I guess it is always a good thing when someone doesn’t stink as much as you expected.


Meanwhile, editing continues on my next book, the horror/fantasy mashup Television Man, which I expect will be ready early next year — it’s going much faster than Strings did, but then again, it hadn’t been sitting in a drawer for twenty years. More like, umm, ten.

“Sure, nothing’s your fault. You’re just stumbling along, accidentally leaving a trail of bodies.”

Everyone has that one friend who leaves a trail of bodies, right? And while that is an accurate quote from Television Man, because it occurs fairly close to the end, I did redact the names of both the speaker and the spoken-to. After all, one rule of Teaser Tuesday is no …


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