Not A Review Of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

So this week we (meaning I) finally got around to watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron“.

Q: How many Avengers does it take to stop one renegade robot?
A: All of them, plus a few extra.

My wife, not generally being into superhero or action movies (with a few exceptions), tuned it out almost immediately, although she did glance up at the screen a few times, for instance, when the Hulk was rampaging through a forest during the opening battle between the Avengers and Hydra agents:


Wife: “Is that a person or some kind of animal?”
Me: “That’s the Hulk. When he’s big and green he’s not very bright.”
Wife: “This is a Hulk movie?”
Me: “No, this is the second Avengers movie. Tony Stark is in it.”
Wife: “Didn’t we see the Avengers already?”
Me: “Just the first one.”
Wife: “Oh.” (returns attention to laptop)

Later on, I did prevail upon her to glance at the screen again for the humorous “everyone tries and fails to lift Thor’s hammer” scene:

Wife: “Is that Tony Stark?”
Me: “Yes.”
Wife: “What’s he doing in a Hulk movie?”
Me: “This is an Avengers movie.”
Wife: “What’s he doing in an Avengers movie?”
Me: “He’s Iron Man.”
Wife: “But he’s just a guy. I thought you had to be special to be an Avenger, not just a guy in a metal suit.”
Me: “Well he did invent the suit. It’s not like he bought it off the rack at Gentleman’s Warehouse.”
Wife: “But without the suit he’s just a guy.”

Hmm, where have we heard that before … ?

Oh right! Thanks Cap. That’s telling him.

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