Teaser Tuesday 6/7/2016: “Unhappenings”

So this week I’m reading Unhappenings, by Edward Aubry.


So far this book has been a great big ball of timey-wimey causality loop deliciousness.  Think “By His Bootstraps” meets The Time Traveler’s Wife meets “12 Monkeys” with a dash of River Song leading the Doctor around by the nose while answering every question like this:

And you’re on the right track.

The reality was that I did not have the background to understand the theory I was supposed to be applying, nor did I have the engineering savvy to design, construct, or reverse engineer a time travel module. This all remained true even after I managed to crack Ainsley’s notes. I suppose “crack” is an undeserved credit; Ainsley’s notes, in translated form, had already been included in the materials I was given upon my transfer. I discovered that weeks after traveling into the past to steal them.

Seriously, there’s some awesomely great causality/stable time loop stuff in here. Be prepared to take notes.

A lot of people seem to classify this book as “Young Adult”, not that there’s anything wrong with that — you could make a plausible case that Strings is “Young Adult”; I even put it in that category in a few marketplaces, in the (unsuccessful) hope that the youngsters might pick it up and decide they like Mercedes maybe 1/100th as much as, say, Katniss Everdeen — but I don’t really get that feel from Unhappenings.  So if YA SF isn’t your cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot, don’t let that put you off this one.  The hero might start out a teenager, but this is a time travel story.  You can expect to see a bunch of different versions of him.

Meanwhile, speaking of non-YA books, editing on Television Man continues chugging along.  Currently Our Hero, Bob, is making his way through an unexpected bit of Adirondack terrain, and (as usual) having a rough go of it.

He quickly discovered that some sort of new weird insect had attached itself to him and jabbed its proboscis through his jeans and into his flesh.  Its big eyes glittered like hot rubies against an exoskeleton the color of cold coals as it clung to his leg, its body thrumming like a pump as it siphoned blood.  What the fuck?  Seriously.

Hey, Bob, could be worse. Could be black flies.

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