Teaser Tuesday 1/23/2018: “The Way of Kings”

Remember a few weeks ago, when I was reading The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson? Remember when I said I would probably be reading it for several weeks, because it was over a thousand pages long? Well, guess what I’m still reading?

Practicing to be the guy with flashlights who directs planes where to go


I have been making progress of course! At this point my reader tells me I 9 hours and 18 minutes left to go. Woo hoo, halfway to the end! Of book one! Of a planned ten book series! Yeah I still have my work cut out for me …

Kaladin stood at the edge of the precipice, hands clasped behind his back, sandaled toes at the very edge of the cliff. The chasm stared up at him, but he did not meet its gaze. He was focused on the battle being waged on the next plateau.

Good job not looking into the abyss, Kaladin. Because we all know what happens when you look into the abyss …

And if you actually go into the Abyss, you might run into all kinds of stuff. Like aliens made out of coherent water or unflavored gelatin or something.

Fortunately these aliens take being poked better than, say, the Ymir does. Anyway, it seems likely I’ll still be reading this book the next time Teaser Tuesday rolls around, so unless I come up with something else to post next week, you’ll be hearing from this book again. In the meantime, speaking of looking into things, let’s peek at the current scene I’m working on in Father’s Books, which takes place just after an autopsy. I won’t tell you whose. Because …

The metal door behind him creaked open and Mack stuck his head out. “I’m gonna put the bag of organs back inside and stitch her up,” he said. “You want a last look at anything?”

“No,” Art said. “Go ahead.”

The door clanked shut.

Bag of organs. God. Like the giblets on a turkey.

Maybe he’d just skip breakfast today.

One thought on “Teaser Tuesday 1/23/2018: “The Way of Kings”

  1. I don’t know how you do it. When I read “Cryptonomicon” a few years ago, the farther into the book I got, the more I forgot from the beginning!


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