Teaser Tuesday 1/30/2018: “The Way of Kings” (Last Time, I Swear)

Well, it’s Groundhog Day … Again …

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A

So actually, I did finally finish up The Way of Kings, after umpteen weeks of reading it. To be honest, it had just barely started to be in danger of becoming a bit of a slog, until the final section came along and Sanderson slammed his foot down on the nitrous oxide pedal. Or however it is that one gooses an engine by introducing nitrous oxide into it. All I know about nitrous oxide is what I saw on an old episode of “Dukes of Hazzard”*. I couldn’t find that online, so here’s something else instead:

Anyway,  yeah, this book had an incredibly satisfying ending. If you read it and make it that far, I promise you won’t be disappointed. But of course, the ending is not where one samples a Teaser Tuesday. In this case, I’m picking it from what is possibly my favorite typographical error of all time.

“You want to know the truth,” he said. “Yes, if I could make the order, I would take all ten arnies and return to Alethkar.”

All ten Arnies. That is a lot of Arnies. Imagine what you could do with that many Arnies!

Just save yourself a lot of grief and surrender now.


Meanwhile, editing continues on Father’s Books!

When they arrived at the middle of the field of boulders, the path ended at a belt of bare earth between the Anvil and its surroundings. The gap was three or four feet wide, hard-packed dirt angled slightly downward toward the center. Ozzie led her along it. She wondered why the Arvidssons had left the ring open or, indeed, a path to reach it; maybe this had been the work of later visitors, people like Ozzie’s son who wanted to climb up to the big flat stone and have a dance-off.

In case you’ve been keeping track of all these Father’s Books teasers and you are now checking your notes and saying, “I don’t remember seeing anyone named Arvidsson before, that’s because I just decided to change their last name and did a bulk find & replace in Scrivener. Ah, these days of digital editing make it so easy to change your mind. Maybe a little too easy …

* Did I really just admit that?

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