The Early Years: Senses+

So this being a holiday weekend (although this post should appear the week after Memorial Day, assuming I don’t screw up the scheduling, it was actually prepared the week before), I was feeling kind of lazy, and decided to dip back into the giant cache of my elementary school papers that my folks excavated from the house where I grew up. This week, I grabbed a mimeograph of an old assignment about the senses:

Hmm, I seem to still be having trouble spelling “tongue”, which I spelled as “tonge” on a different paper, and here spelled “toung”. But if you combine both spellings in just the right way you get one correctly-spelled “tongue”, so close enough right? Also, I think they forgot one of the senses.

Anyway, the main reason I pulled this paper out of the stack was the seemingly completely random inclusion of a math problem at the end of it. “1 hundred + 3 tens + 6 ones = 136“? What is that doing on a fill-in sheet about the five senses? Is it some sort of mimeographed CAPTCHA? Was the teacher trying to make sure the paper was being completed by a human and not a robot? Maybe at some point I’ll come across another assignment where at the bottom the student has to identify all the pictures that include a pedestrian or a bus or a traffic signal, because, you know, the whole purpose of the Internet is to help Google improve their self-driving car technology.

Oh, and cat videos too, of course.

5 thoughts on “The Early Years: Senses+

  1. Are you related to Tracy? Methinks I went to a birthday party at your house back in 1983. I was impressed with her racecar bed and enjoyed playing SNAFU on the Coleco(?)

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    1. I am related to Tracy, she’s my cousin! 😁 I haven’t seen her in many years; I believe her family had moved away even before we left the area. I do vaguely remember playing the Coleco somewhere back in the day, so it could well have been at her house. (At my house we had an Atari 2600; after that I got into the Commodore computers and it was no more console game units until the PlayStation came out.) I think I remember at least one pool party over there, too!


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