Video Game Preview Review: “Shadow Hearts: Covenant”

A few weeks ago, I posted a capsule review of the PS2 game “Shadow Hearts” and mentioned that I had the sequel queued up for my next game. I’ve got a few hours into the sequel now and while it’s too soon for an actual review, I would like to make a few comments about it:

  1. The graphics are much improved.
  2. The (fairly numerous) cut scenes now feature (fairly decent) voice acting.
  3. The game starts with a disclaimer that all the events and characters that appear are fictitious.  (This includes such fictitious occurrences as World War I and such fictitious personages as Rasputin, Tsar Nicholas, and Anastasia.) Perhaps this disclaimer was included to discourage the kids from using “Shadow Hearts: Covenant” as the basis for a report about the First World War …
  4. One of the characters, Gepetto, is a retired puppeteer who uses his puppet Cornelia as a weapon.  (Presumably Pinocchio was unavailable.)  Cornelia is rendered such that she looks disturbingly like a child beauty queen (JonBenet Ramsey comes to mind), especially when you start giving her power-ups, which come in the form of special outfits that she wears.Gepetto & Cornelia
    At the moment, as I am playing the game, she is dressed up like a little sailor.  *SHUDDER*
  5. The “Judgment Ring” is smaller than it was in the first game.  I think this means I need a bigger television set.
  6. And finally, the best thing I’ve yet seen related to this game:


That’s right, this game features John Smallberries of Buckaroo Banzai fame as the voice of Rasputin!  Apparently he took time off from his job at Yoyodyne Industries to perform on this game.  Those of us who thought all the Red Lectroids had been defeated in the mid-1980s were clearly mistaken.  (The voice actor’s real name was Bob Papenbrook.)

Voting is still open for the July scene of the month! Will July be the month that a book other than Dragon Stones wins the competition? To find out, stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Video Game Preview Review: “Shadow Hearts: Covenant”

  1. I’m going to try to find those articles you talked about. I’m planning on getting “River of Doubt” from the library sometime soon. I’ve read a little about it now and it sounds like it would be good.


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