This Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month Reminder Brought To You By An Insurance Company That Doesn’t Want To Insure You If You Have An Aneurysm

So September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, and as it happens, I received this advertisement from AAA life insurance (I added the red box):

First of all, not to be pedantic (well, okay, to be pedantic), but Jodie didn’t die from an aneurysm. She died from a ruptured aneurysm. They don’t kill you until they pop. (I’ve made this same attribution error in one of my books, where a character suffers a sudden, severe, let’s call it “thunderclap” headache and her husband wonders if she’s “having an aneurysm”*; but now I know better.) And second of all, on the back of this—and, indeed, of every—life insurance solicitation I’ve ever seen that trumpets not requiring a medical exam, it says this:

And one of those three simple questions is always “Have you had a stroke in the last X years?”, a stroke being, of course, what you get when an aneurysm ruptures. (The question is not “Do you have an aneurysm?” because, if you do, and it hasn’t ruptured—which most of them never do—you almost certainly don’t know it’s there.)

Anyway, I, fortunately, already have two life insurance policies which pre-date the whole aneurysm thing, so we’re all set there. But this is a good reminder that the time to arrange that sort of safety net for yourself is before something happens that makes you need it, because at that point, nobody is going to give it to you.

Oh, and, remember: If you have some kind of weird extreme vertigo, strange neck pain, and/or a thunderclap headache, just call 911 already. Don’t bother getting dressed and stuff. Trust me on this.

* Spoiler alert: She’s not.

4 thoughts on “This Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month Reminder Brought To You By An Insurance Company That Doesn’t Want To Insure You If You Have An Aneurysm

  1. Sorry that ypu went through all that, but now us not having that trouble are very much forewarned.

    But it is sad that you can be denied. I am a cancer survivor, from 2006/7, and even now I would be sent packing if I wanted to get a new policy. Phooey.

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  2. A very important one to raise – I suppose many think something like this would never happen to them, which is of course nonsense. Something could happen to anyone, out of the blue, and you may not get any warning. Like you say with an aneurysm if it blows. I can see why saying she “died of an aneurisym” would annoy you. Stuff like that bugs me, too (like reading a promo ad that shows someone with an ileostomy and calls it a colostomy, so a different type of stoma altogether). It just makes you feel like they don’t have a clue, and that’s supposedly their bread & butter.

    Thank you for all you do to raise awareness of the difficult subjects and of aneurysms, both current & ruptured ones! xx


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