The Early Years: Party Time! Excellent!

So last week I posted a scan of an old mimeograph of the rules for first grade; these rules indicated that there would be in-school parties for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, and I mentioned that I remembered the Halloween parties and the distribution of Valentine’s Day cards from everyone to everyone, but that I didn’t really remember the Christmas parties. Because my folks read the blog—they were, of course, the source of the giant pile of elementary school era documents from which I pull my posts for “The Early Years”—my father sent along a few pictures of some of those long-ago festivities. I don’t know if these are specifically from first grade or not (I’m no good at figuring out how old kids [including my past self] are just by looking at them), but they’re definitely from elementary school, I can tell that much …

First up, we have a picture of me as Abraham Lincoln, giving a new meaning to the term “neckbeard“, along with various classmates who are also in … Well, maybe not costumes, exactly, but at least most of them are wearing hats.

Four score and seven years ago, I was not even a twinkle in my parents’ eyes …

And next, we have a couple of photos from Christmas parties, in which I am getting an early start on my longstanding tradition of avoiding cameras by facing the other direction:

Hey, that big fat guy is wearing the same robe I got for $10 at Burlington*!

Do you mind? I’m trying to give Santa an order for birds.

* If you’re in need of a cheap robe for your cat to claw to pieces while she’s making muffins in your lap, Santa robes go on deep discount after Christmas, I tell you what.

4 thoughts on “The Early Years: Party Time! Excellent!

  1. Awww, those are such wonderful and precious memories!

    In the Lincoln hat, judging by the art work, maybe you were in second grade?

    You appear to be younger in the other 2 Christmas pics.

    I have oodles of stuff saved from our boys elementary years too…to give to future wives since they themselves are not terribly interested at this time…in their late twenties and early thirties…they have more important stuff to think about, LOL!

    Hi, Charlee, that Santa robe looks cozy:)

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