Random Rejection: Marietta Publishing

This week, I reached into my vast collection of rejection letters and pulled out this double-sider from Marietta Publishing:

Side one is a flier advertising Tom Piccirilli’s short story collection The Dog Syndrome.  Checking Wikipedia, that places this rejection at around 1997.


Side two is the rejection. It’s a very nice rejection, but unfortunately, I have no idea what story it was for.


If I still had my submission tracking database up and running I could find out, but that requires MS Windows and MS Access and I don’t have either of those anymore. Important safety tip, kids — when possible, avoid proprietary formats!

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a short, creepy, moody novel, you could do worse than Tom Piccirilli’s A Choir of Ill Children. I picked that up at World Horror 2004 and rather liked it.

3 thoughts on “Random Rejection: Marietta Publishing

  1. At first I was impressed that you got a handwritten response. Then I wondered, how many submissions does this publisher recieve, that they have the time and stamina to respond by hand? Maybe they just have super hand strength…


  2. This is the kind of rejection letter writers aspire to…but it bothers me: did he write ‘jells’ or ‘fells’ or ‘sells’? Yes, yes I do have OCD.


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