Random Rejection: Maelstrom, “Pinch Bobby ‘Til He Bleeds”

It’s been a while since I reached into my stack of rejection letters, so today I dove in and pulled this one out, from Maelstrom, for a short story called “Pinch Bobby ‘Til He Bleeds”.

This rejection might win the award for “most extensive comments on a rejected short story”, as well as for “teensiest writing ever”. I don’t believe I made any changes to the story as a result of this rejection, but it’s always cool to receive so much feedback. I previously posted the text of “Pinch Bobby ‘Til He Bleeds” in an earlier random rejection, so if you’re interested in seeing exactly what Bobby’s condition was, I will direct you there. (Let’s just say that the Maelstrom editor is right, and Bobby didn’t really belong at camp.)

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5 thoughts on “Random Rejection: Maelstrom, “Pinch Bobby ‘Til He Bleeds”

  1. I just came here after visiting Tricia Sutton’s blog – in which she relates her rejection letters. Should I take this as an omen – and maybe start trying to sell my books to publishers rather than through Lulu? Hmmm. Are there any publishers out there who are ‘out there’ enough to show interest? Hmmm…


  2. Actually, this is a very nice rejection letter,and it looks as though the editor meant to provide useful commentary. Ever been rejected by an academic journal (humanities)? I still can’t go back and look at mine! First of all, the readers are anonymous — they know who you are, but you never know who they are. They can be very vicious, too; many academics are mean-spirited and territorial. And you don’t get paid for your work; the idea is to add to your own credentials by publishing. So, you see, it could be worse!


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