A Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man

So my parents like to find old examples of things I wrote when I was a kid and send them to me, just to remind me that I, too, was once a child.  I thought it might be interesting to post one or two of them.  With that in mind, I present my classic tale of horror and suspense, “The Great Beast Invasion”.  If we assume that the date in the story is about when the story was written (which it probably is, given that kids are pretty much creatures of the “now” — just like dogs!), then I would’ve been six when I scribbled down this masterpiece.

beast invasion.jpg

Hmm, I think my handwriting has actually gotten worse over the years …

6 thoughts on “A Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man

  1. Look at you junior writer using fabulous words like ‘lumbering’ and already finding the power of short sentences! I’d love to read a book of the stories writers wrote when they were under 10!


  2. My wife (the teacher) suggests that my handwriting in this story is too good to belong to a six-year-old. She puts it more at an eight-to-ten-year-old. Of course, she hasn’t had a student as brilliant as I was … 😉


  3. That’s what I was thinking to, having a just-turned-7-year-old. The story is a lot like something my almost-10-year-old writes. 😛 Buf of course, we know how brilliant you are.


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