The Early Years: Jim Is A Singing Snitch

I’m not sure if this checklist considers “Tells On Other Children” to be a good thing or a bad thing.  And “Participates Freely in Singing”?  I find that hard to believe!



Fortunately I didn’t go to a rough kindergarten, or I might have gotten shanked with a sharpened miniature wooden ice cream paddle.

Incidentally, this is a mimeograph; the original document is very light blue text on lemon-yellow paper.  Unfortunately it comes out even more unreadable than this if scanned in color.

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7 thoughts on “The Early Years: Jim Is A Singing Snitch

  1. My first reaction to this was to laugh… but then… OMG. Did they take notes on ME when I was a little kid? At least you got good checkmarks.

    I wanna know what kid WOULDN’T “participate freely in free play time”??


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