(Don’t) Mind the Gap

So those who have been around here for a while are likely to be aware that my fantasy novel Dragon Stones was and remains by far my post popular book, having even been, briefly, the #1 fantasy novel in the Kindle UK store.

Not coincidentally, it’s also my lowest-rated book on Goodreads, because, well, the more people who read a book, the more it’s going to run into hard graders.

Anyway, the glory days of Dragon Stones royalty checks that I can actually spend are far behind me, and it’s been around a decade since its last text review on Goodreads. So imagine my surprise when, not long ago, I noticed that it had registered some “work activity” there, said activity being a new review from the end of February:

So that was nice. Maybe in a decade or so I’ll pick up another one. In the meantime, work continues on Blue Roses. Sadly, the scene I’m currently working on does not have any squirrels in it.

The ring of stone was, of course, a well. Wooden bowls lay scattered haphazardly around it, gritty with accumulated sand and grime. The men picked these up and filled them and drank, grit and all. Obviously water was too precious here to waste it on things like rinsing.

This also applies to our house, where things rarely if ever get rinsed before being put in the dishwasher. But of course, that’s the way you’re supposed to do it.

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