The Early Years: Woodland Indians? Or Elves?

This week, I reached into the pile of ancient schoolwork (generously supplied by my parents) and found this little article about the “Woodland Indians” of central New York:

No doubt this is due to my decades-long immersion in “The Lord of the Rings” and similar material, but when I read this, I don’t picture Native Americans; I picture elves.  But if elves lived in the woodlands of the Central New York region of “Amarica”, I never saw them.  Perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right spot.

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9 thoughts on “The Early Years: Woodland Indians? Or Elves?

  1. This week our local Indians (the Oneidas) are “Tiger Wood-land Indians”. He’s playing today on one of the golf courses near their casino complex.


  2. Perhaps ‘Amarican’ Indians ARE elves? Amarica actually makes me tink of the Asterix series, do you know it? Asterix always seemed like a woodland elf to me. 🙂


  3. I think that you’re so fortunate to still have your work from childhood. Mine didn’t even survive childhood. I have memories of course – but they’re notoriously unreliable.


  4. politically incorrect,schmitically incorrect. blah,blah. It gets tiresome to me. You can’t say NUTHIN anymore…..just my rant. Unless something is totally really offensive like the N word(which surprisingly SOME people can use-which is ridiculous to me-), I can’t keep up with what name is correct-“politically”-for lots of folks….bah
    Now when I become dictator things will be different! LMAO
    Now then that’s my opinion which will buy you absolutely nada, zilch,zip! 😉


  5. Jim,
    I hope Mrs. Burch(7th grade SS) saw these…..You’ve done a wonderful thing with the gift you’ve ben given. WRITE ON!


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