Teaser Tuesday 5/7/2013: Toby Continues to Stream the Universe

Still reading Toby Streams the Universe, by Maya Lassiter.  The titular psychic, Toby, continues to try to get a handle on his visions while trying to prevent the election of a president who will lead the world into … wait, sorry, that’s a different psychic.  Toby is just trying to keep his friends safe and happy and himself from going insane.  And did I mention he still lives in New York City?

This could be like reading a case. Or maybe it could just be a bunch of scary stories, bound in a fat book that he could close the cover on.

Hey, Toby, I hear that putting a scary book in the freezer (like The Shining, say, or Little Women) helps, too.

While Toby is clearing space in the freezer around the ice cream and the Julian apple pies (if he’s lucky) to store his imaginary book of scary stories, here’s this week’s teaser from the upcoming sequel to Shards — no freezer required!

It was so strange, to think that this castle, with its walls so solid, and everything in it, all its people, and the tall hills outside, the trees that grew on them, even the ships in the harbor to the south and the water in which they floated, all of it, had not been here one day ago, had materialized out of the cotton-candy nothingness of the Æther. Although materialized wasn’t really what had happened, was it? That implied some agency, that the thing coming into existence had done the work itself.

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