Teaser Tuesday 4/30/2013: Toby Streams the Universe

This week’s free book is Toby Streams the Universe, by Maya Lassiter, in which a psychic (the titular Toby, looking like a PhotoShop mashup of Elijah Wood and Tobey Maguire on the cover) who is increasingly unable to control his visions attempts to help his private investigator friend solve cases, prevent his sister (also a psychic) from killing herself, find his missing father, protect his new neighbor from an abusive ex-husband, keep his family’s finances afloat by reading the minds of stockbrokers, change the dark future that awaits various friends, relatives, and acquaintances, and avoid going insane. All while living in New York City. So what have you done lately?

Manhattan passed by outside, lights reflected in the water on the streets, people with umbrellas stalking the sidewalks. Toby thought of Penelope, of her rat-infested apartment. A new apartment wouldn’t help. Would a pile of money?

Yes, yes it would. Feel free to send it along any time.

Speaking of things that aren’t making piles of money, here is this week’s teaser from the upcoming conclusion of Shards!

Holy crap. He was in charge? How had that happened?

You get three guesses which character that’s referring to, and the first two don’t count.

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