Teaser Tuesday 5/13/2014: “The God King”

This week’s teaser comes from The God King by James A. West. The God King and The Golden Queen are no relation, despite having similar names.

"Shire? ... Baggins?"
“Shire? … Baggins?”

Of all the western border fortresses, it was the closest to the Qaharadin Marshes, and the denizens had need to constantly trim back and burn the surrounding lands in order to keep the vegetation from overrunning the walls. By the looks of it, Lord Marshal Bresado Rengar had failed in overseeing the execution of that chore for several years.

Hmm, sounds like the hill out back if I don’t go up there with the weed whacker once a month. And, speaking of areas in need of maintenance, here is this week’s teaser from the upcoming conclusion of Shards, The War of the Ravels:

Outside was a wide, empty courtyard paved with cracked flagstones surrounded by a defensive curtain wall. The open space between the keep and the wall appeared forlorn and windswept, with dirty sand spread across the pavers and drifts of dead leaves and small branches heaped up against the buttresses.

Hmm, now that sounds like the corner of the house and the garage if I don’t get out there and sweep it regularly. Excuse me, it seems to be time to go do some chores …

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