Not A Review Of “Fear the Walking Dead”

So I of course have been watching “Fear the Walking Dead“, which in addition to being generally good advice is also the spinoff of/prequel to “The Walking Dead“.

“One thing about living in Santa Monica I never could stomach: All the damn zombies.”

So far it’s mostly so okay it’s average, with some things that are highly irritating (e.g. one character originally seemed to be channeling Jonny Depp circa “Benny & Joon“, the characters are infuriatingly unwilling to tell each other things like “corpses are coming back to life and eating people”, and OMG YOU IDIOTS WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE THE DOG WITH YOU?!?!??!) and some things that I like a lot (Hi Ruben Blades! Hi Searle from “Sunshine“! Hi Detective Boney!) There hasn’t been much on-screen zombie mayhem yet, but what did we just get on-screen instead? One of the characters, a teenage girl, giving herself a homemade tattoo with a needle. Or something needle-like anyway. I’m not sure. I couldn’t watch it.

Me: *shrieks like a child and turns away from screen*
Wife: “What?”
Me: “Needle!”
Wife: looks up from computer at television (beat) “Thanks for bringing that to my attention.”
Me: “I hate needles …”
Wife: “So if it were a zombie gnawing on her arm that would be fine?”
Me: “Uh-huh.”

Hey I don’t make the rules. Flesh-gnawing zombies okay. Needles bad. Only one episode remains in the premiere season of “FtWD”.  So far it’s about as good as one of the lesser runs of its progenitor; it’s about at the level of what happens to “TWD” every time AMC fires the showrunner: So mediocre, it’s adequate.

But it’s nowhere near as bad as most of Season 2 of “TWD”, so there’s that. It’ll just have to do until the real “TWD” returns next month and we get to watch Carol out-badass Rick, Daryl, and just about everyone else some more.

Anyway, the REALLY important thing is that “Doctor Who” is back for another season!

“This isn’t London. I hope.”

2 thoughts on “Not A Review Of “Fear the Walking Dead”

  1. We’ve been watching it too, and yes, it is mediocre. It is a good way to pass the time until TWD is back though!

    As for the dog, I think he would have been smart enough to run away from that thing anyway. I mean he WAS a shepherd! It seemed bogus that he went after it and got eaten.

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