Teaser Tuesday 9/22/2015: Still Yet More “Dragonriders of Pern”

Are you sick of these yet?

“Robinton, you are indeed safely back,” Lessa cried, running toward him, a wide smile lighting her unusual face. “And so tanned!”

And you know what else, Robinton?


Meanwhile, as threatened promised, here’s another teaser paragraph from Dragon Stones — a quote from one dragon book to go with a quote from another (much longer and much, much, much more famous) dragon book:

Diasa imagined a professor mixing up powder for a young Wert, altering the ratios, knowing it would leave him a ranting fool; she imagined young oracles being taken from their beds, dragged out into the desert, left to die in the wastes. It couldn’t possibly be true; her mother would never have harmed her own students. “What basis do you have for these claims?”

Well you know. It was on the Internet, so it has to be true!

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