Teaser Tuesday 3/8/2016: “The Yellowstone Conundrum” Is Still Conundruming

This week I’m still reading The Yellowstone Conundrum, by John D. Randall, which some 400-odd pages in has begun to morph from a natural disaster epic into an urban warfare epic: Another Battle of Seattle, if you will, only this time between marauding street gangs and various pockets of Our Heroes trapped in the city by the one-two punch of a 9.5 earthquake (which, in this book, is vastly the punier of the two big quakes) and subsequent tsunami (not puny at all). In fact, one group of characters even gives a shout-out to “Escape from New York” by assigning themselves characters from the film. Oh, and for those who were worried — spoiler alert! — the dog is still with us. (In case you were wondering, he’s designated as the Ernest Borgnine character in “EfNY”, Cabbie.)


Marmaduke quieted the crowd with a series of angry barks, and scrambled up the stopped escalator to sit next to Ray, who had assumed a position where he could see all of the assembled guests, who were milling around almost like they were looking for cocktail servers to appear. The transformation from homeless to entitlement had been one thin door of glass.

Nothing like an angry Great Dane to get a crowd’s attention. Time for some Scooby Snacks!

Meanwhile, here I am within 14 pages of the end of this round of editing Television Man. One more round after this, I think, and then it will be time to roll the presses. Hey, unnamed female character, what do you think of that?

She cocked her head at him. Here, at last, was something from Collins that didn’t immediately stink of bullshit.

Well, let’s hope it doesn’t!

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