Teaser Tuesday 3/1/2016: “The Yellowstone Conundrum”

So this week I’m reading The Yellowstone Conundrum, by John D. Randall, in which Old Faithful really blows its top.  Hilarity ensues.  No, wait, not hilarity.  What’s that other thing?  Oh right.  Disaster.

‘Scuse me while I fist-bump the sky.

I actually had a little trouble getting through the first few chapters of the book, which were written in a style that I found a little off-putting, and the disclaimer at the beginning — warning the reader that the book contains “conjugations [of] the f-word” and “adult companionship (sex) — struck me as just weird, sort of like the famous disclaimer that preceded the “Thriller” video.

Michael Jackson did not believe in zombies or werewolves, but he did believe in streets that light up when you step on them.

In fact I almost ended up putting the book aside, but decided to give it another chance after reading some of the Goodreads reviews.  After all I do like volcanoes, and volcanoes don’t come much bigger than this one.  And besides, there’s a dog.

“You da dog!  Yes indeed, you da dog,” Ray wrapped his left arm around the dog’s neck. For whatever reason, Ray Spaulding’s life had been spared again; this time not by his fellow brothers in arms but by a 145-pound Great Dane.

Ruh-roh, Rhaggy! It’s a rooper-rolcano!

Speaking of eruptions, Television Man is building up to a big one, and this close to the end of a round of editing its difficult to pull together a few sentences without including spoilers. And as one of the characters just told a couple of the other characters:

Collins chuckled. “I’m not in the habit of handing out spoilers to anyone who asks for them.”

But shortly thereafter, it comes back to bite him.

Collins said: “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m not in the habit of handing out spoilers either,” she said.

See, now, that would have been a spoiler, except I changed the second speaker attribution from someone’s name to a pronoun. Because if you really want to make a good spoiler, you have to be specific, right?  Right.  If you don’t believe me, ask River Song.  Just don’t expect her to tell you.



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