Not A Review Of “Deadpool”

So this week, we (meaning I) watched “Deadpool“, the (other) superhero movie featuring a foul-mouthed anti-hero who dispenses insults and jokes almost as fast as he kills bad guys.


Or, as my wife put it when she glanced at the screen:

Wife: “Oh.  Spiderman.”
Me: “Uh, not exactly. But he hangs out with Spiderman in the comics sometimes.”
Wife: “If he’s not Spiderman, why is he wearing a red costume?”

We’ll let Deadpool explain that one:

Wife: “Well, super-heroes all look alike, running around in spandex and saving people.”  (pause)  “Why would they do that, anyway?  Wear spandex?”
Me: “To show off their muscle definition?”


Well, to show off something, anyway.


Normally I base my “not-a-review” posts on how long it took for the movie to put my wife to sleep, but―probably not surprisingly―she didn’t pay any attention at all to “Deadpool”, so I can’t really do that here.  Well, all right, she did pay a little bit of attention, at least while I had the disc’s menu up on the screen, before starting the movie.

Wife: “I approve of the music.”

She was, of course, referring to the part of the DVD menu after (spoiler alert!) the burrito explodes in the microwave oven, as in the clip below:

The song does have a good beat, and you could dance to it.  But I don’t think they’re going to be playing it at the studio any time soon.  During the trailer was also when she mistook Deadpool for Spiderman; must’ve been because of how he was sitting there on the edge of the bridge doodling.


Unfortunately for my wife’s interest in the film, the disc menu was followed by the opening credits, which I watched at least three times in order to catch all the visual gags.

Wife: “This is weird already.”

After that she pretty much tuned “Deadpool” out, which is just as well.  It was a little bit violent.

Oh, except I did point out to her that in the closing credits, they have Deadpool descend from the top of the screen on a web, a la Spiderman, except that the web breaks and he falls on his head.

Wife: “See, I knew he was related to Spiderman.  He’s like Spiderman junior.  Little Spiderman, before he knew how to use his powers.”

Hmm.  Deadpool might not disagree with her on that one.


Anyway I guess Deadpool’s consultation with Spiderman paid off, because Hollywood definitely put him in a movie that did right by the character.

Unlike that other time …


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