Not A Review Of “Contact”

So last week we watched “Contact“, the film based on the book by the same name, written by some guy named Carl Sagan.

I can see Malibu from here.

The astute reader may be surprised to learn that I somehow never got around to either reading the book or seeing this movie in the twenty-odd years since both came out.  Better late than never, right?  Unlike with many most just about every other story of this type, the aliens seem to be―spoiler alert!―completely benevolent.  This will not be shocking to those who are familiar with Carl Sagan, his beliefs, and his lifelong mission to keep us informed about the mysteries of the universe.

We happened to have a couple of friends over while watching “Contact”, which might’ve helped my wife stay awake a little longer than she normally would for a science fiction film.  Also, she kind of thought she might recognize some of the people in it …

Wife: “That actress reminds me of Jodie Foster.”
Friend #1: “Well, that’s good.”
Wife: (pause) “That is Jodie Foster?”
Everyone: “Yep!”

And not long after that, another well-known actor put in an appearance:

Wife: “Hey … Hey, that guy.”
Me (pauses movie): “We’re making another identification attempt!”
Wife: “Is that the guy who broke his nose?”
Everyone: “No.”
Wife: “Is it his brother?”
Everyone: “No.”
Wife (after a moment): “Did he used to be on ‘Cheers’?”
Everyone: “No.”
Friend #2: “That was Woody Harrelson.”
Wife: “Well, does his name end in SON?”
Everyone: “No.”
Friend #1: “I’ll give you a hint — ‘Heyyyyy.'”
Me: “That’s not going to help her.”
Wife: “Give me another hint.”
Friend #1: “How …”
Me: “… to lose a guy in 10 days.”
Wife: “No!  He was the main character?  That guy had lighter hair!”
Me: “He did, but it was him!  Can you identify him now?”
Wife: “… no.”

Still, one out of two isn’t bad for my wife, who doesn’t generally waste memory space on identifying actors.  Besides, their appearances have changed a bit in the years since “Contact” came out …

Me: “Everyone looks so young in this movie. It’s like we’re receiving it from 26 years in the past.”

Well, maybe not quite that long.  But close enough that I’d rather not think about it …

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