Usually that means “To Be Read”, as in, “I’ve got two hundred books in my TBR pile!”  But in this case it means “To Be Reviewed”, as I’ve been notified that my Pitch Perfect winner Shards has been selected for a review by Steve Wetherell at Underground Book Reviews!

Sometimes you feel like an elf. Sometimes you don’t.

The review is scheduled to appear on May 29th.  I’ll be posting a link to it once it’s up!

Meanwhile, work continues (of course) on Father’s Books.  I recently finished up marking up the printed version, which means it’s back to hacking and chopping at the electronic version.

Beth chewed her lower lip.  “Pedro, huh?  Maybe I’ll go talk to him tomorrow.”

“I figured you might, seeing as how you’re playing girl detective.”

“Are you calling me Nancy Drew?”

“All you’re missing is a cardigan, a skirt, and a flashlight.  And I know where you can get a flashlight.”

In this little snippet of dialogue, the last sentence, “And I know where you can get a flashlight”, is new, something I scribbled in while reading the book on paper.  I always seem to find more things that I want to change, cut, or improve when looking at the paper versions than on the screen.  This is, of course, why I print them out so many times over the course of editing; it’s not because I hate trees.  Well, except for all those non-native eucalyptus growing here in Southern California, which routinely kill people by dropping giant limbs or simply falling over on them, and which burn like torches during our semi-regular wildfires.

Hmm.  Maybe I should try to find paper that’s made exclusively from eucalyptus.  Hmm …

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