Not a Review of “Preacher”

So those who are familiar with the sorts of other things I’ve done “not a review” entries on, not to mention the sorts of things I write, and who also are familiar with the show Preacher* on AMC, will likely not be surprised to learn that I’ve never missed a single episode of that unhinged horror/comedy/fantasy/bizarro-land production.

This is not the main character of Preacher, but it is my favorite character. So you get to see Cassidy instead of the Preacher himself.

Those who are further familiar with the sorts of shows my wife enjoys will (Game of Thrones excepted), furthermore, likely not be surprised to learn that she does not watch Preacher, typically either falling asleep immediately or finding something else to do that doesn’t involve looking at indeed being anywhere near the television. Yet not long ago, it so happened that a particular scene involving secondary protagonist (and my second-favorite character) Tulip getting into a little argument with God** — ultimately going so far as pulling a gun on Him, and getting herself blasted with the Force, or whatever it is when God uses it — caught her attention.

Wife: “Who’s that?”
Me: “That’s Tulip. Tulip is awesome.”
Wife: “Who’s the other guy?”
Me: “That’s God.”
Wife: “Oh. But not the God, right?”
Me: “No, that’s the God. He’s slumming around on Earth dressed up in a dog*** suit.”
Wife: “Oh, okay. But she doesn’t know he’s God, right?”
Me: “Oh, she knows he’s God all right.”
Wife: “Oh. Then why is she picking a fight with him?”
Me: “Well, in Preacher, God isn’t really very nice.”
Wife: “Oh.” (beat) “I guess he’s the Old Testament God, then.”

Well. Seems like my wife figured that one out before I did.

BTW, for those who are keeping track, I am of course still reading the “Shannara” trilogy and, in fact, haven’t even gotten through the first book yet. But I thought I’d take a little break from the Teaser Tuesdays to bring you that little bit of Bible scholasticism. And I finally finished the editing pass on Father’s Books I’ve been working on for, like ten months, which means that I printed it out so I can mark it all up one more time. That puts me back at the beginning, so I can easily dip into it for teasers without spoiling anything. To wit:

At the far end of the kitchen, beneath the only window in the room, a small table stood, distressed, not in the manner of new furniture fashioned to look old, but in the manner of legitimately old furniture that nobody cared about.

Ooh, take it on the Antiques Roadshow — maybe you can sell it and make a few bucks! But, uh, probably not …

* I am not familiar with the comic book on which the show is based, so there’s not much point in getting into a debate about which is better. But of course I’m sure the comic is.

** Yes, the God.

*** “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards, right? Right? Eh, just go with it.

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