Teaser Tuesday 7/31/2018: Yet More “Sword of Shannara” Trilogy!

So this week, I am still reading the “Sword of Shannara” trilogy. At this point I am partway through the second novel of the original series, The Elfstones of Shannara, which is a much better book than the first one; either Terry Brooks engaged in a lot of writing practice after Sword of Shannara, or his publisher hired a better editor, or both. Probably both.

Robin Hood and Little John runnin’ through the mountains, jumpin’ fences dodgin’ demons trying to get away …

As I understand it, the Shannara television series, which I haven’t watched yet, is based on this book, not on the first one. Which is probably just as well. I can just imagine the strongly worded letter that they might get from the Tolkien estate otherwise.

Completely exhausted by the ordeal of the past few days, they stumbled mindlessly along the corridors of the ancient keep, eyes fixed on the blackness ahead, hands clasped. They did not speak; they had nothing to say. The shock of all that had happened had left them numb with fright. They wanted only one thing now—to escape this mountain.

Hmm. Reminds me of the last time I went to Disneyland.

Meanwhile, editing continues on Father’s Books! I think this will probably be the last round of printing out/marking up/slicing-n-dicing for that book, as all the problematic scenes have at this point been more or less wrestled into submission. At this point I’m mostly correcting typos and relocating the occasional sentence. But of course there will always be one more typo to be fixed. Possibly a typo that was introduced by fixing a typo. Because that’s just how these things go.

Art sidled between the furnace and the wall, emerging from the other side with moist grey streaks across his shirt and pants. Now he was in a sort of corner nook between the furnace and the water heater, where a big cold grey pipe came in through the ceiling and disappeared into the concrete at his feet. A coil of yellow rope lay on the floor near the pipe and adjacent to the sump. That was all, though. Peering in through the gap behind the furnace, he’d thought he’d seen a person in this little open space, a small shape sitting on the floor with its back against the pipe. But that must have been a trick of the shadows.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not.

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