Review: “Elizabethtown”

Well, the soundtrack was pretty good.

Gina reminded me that in my desire to be pithy I left off my rating scheme, so here it is: Elizabethtown put my wife to sleep in about an hour and a half. This does not mean that she liked it; she just kept shaking her head and muttering and making unfavorable comparisons to some of her other “favorite” movies such as August Rush and Hope Floats and giving me sidelong glances and saying “How did you pick this, again?”

13 thoughts on “Review: “Elizabethtown”

  1. I think that means don’t see it. hehe Did your wife sleep through it? Paula Deen didn’t save it?

    Jim says: No, she didn’t sleep through it. She just kept shaking her head and muttering and looking at me and saying “How did you pick this again?”


  2. Hahaha…I thought the same exact thing. And then I wondered why I just wasted a couple hours of my life 🙂

    Jim says: I’m right there with you. And not only that, but now I’m wondering if Almost Famous is really as good as I thought it was, or if I should go back and watch it again and see if it actually stinks. 😉


  3. No, Almost Famous IS good (particularly because of the main role played by …?) but I think Cameron thought he was on a bit of a roll…and he wasn’t.

    Jim says: That was Patrick Fugit. Everyone in Almost Famous was excellent, especially Frances McDormand as the mom. Love the McDormand!


  4. Almost Famous is AWESOME. Elizabeth town…not so much.

    Jim says: You’re being generous to Elizabethtown! 😉


  5. I watched it just cuz I wanted to see Paula Deen in her first movie role!! LOL! She had a whole episode on the food network about the making of it. I confess I am a food network junkie (shhh).

    Jim says: There’s that name again! I must confess I have no idea who Paula Deen is, although now I gather she’s a chef of some sort … 😉


  6. I’ve never seen the movie, so I can’t say one way or the other, but I’ll agree with your wife that Hope Floats is a good movie. I’ll have to check this one out, just for the sake of checking it out!

    Jim says: NoooooOOOOoooooo, don’t do it!!!!!! 😉


  7. NO.. right place, wrong post. And boy am I laughing now at mentioning DRINKS!


    Jim says: LOL … no worries, I know what you meant. And if I had a drink for every rejection letter I’ve gotten … well, I would probably be in rehab by now! 😉


  8. Are you kidding? You mean the cliche quirkiness of Dunst’s character and the trying-too-hard-less-is-more effect of the movie overall (and which is mirrored in Zach Braff’s “Garden State”) didn’t impress?

    Jim says: Hmm, so you’re saying I should take Garden State out of my Netflix queue? 😉


  9. Not if you have a high tolerance the cutest, quirkiest, coolest girl character ever invented by a writer/director, or profoundly complex and deeply thoughtful males who need the quirky cool girl to provide that perfect balance. Nope – if you like that kind of thing, leave it in your queue. (Who the hell invented the spelling of the word “queue”!?)

    Have you seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset? Now them’s good movies.

    Jim says: I haven’t seen them, but they’re in my queue now. (I’m not sure who invented the word … I was going to guess the French, and an etymology search confirms it. 😉 ) Oh, and Garden State stays. 🙂


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