Random Rejection: Design Image Group, “Night Watchman”

So one of the things you hear when you are submitting fiction, especially long-form fiction, is that lengthy response times are good. It means that the publisher is seriously considering your manuscript, that it has probably passed from the slush pile through the first readers and is perhaps, even right now as we speak, sitting on an editor’s desk awaiting the final stamp of approval before it is accepted.

Or it could just mean that your rejection letter was lost in the mail.



Night Watchman got rejected a lot before Hard Shell Word Factory finally picked it up.  In fact, it’s probably my most-often-rejected book.  It got rejected for being too scary; it got rejected for not being scary enough.  It got rejected for being too weird; it got rejected for being too conventional.  And sometimes it got rejected just because.  But what else can you expect from a committee?

7 thoughts on “Random Rejection: Design Image Group, “Night Watchman”

  1. How cool! Ahh…I’ve written a screenplay and never sent it anywhere. I wrote a treatment for the story of a Mircosoft game and it was passed on. And right now I’m working on the outlines for three different novels (two are horror, one is romance) and I’m trying to decide on which one to work on first. I love writting.

    Do you ever walk to your car, sit in your car and narate to yourself? Like you’re inside a novel?

    Jim says: I have done that actually!


  2. Too weird/too conventional…how do they decide that?

    Jim says: I think they have a dartboard, or possibly a big wheel that they spin …


  3. I enjoy (ironically) the wishy-ish washy-ish way they say that they wish they could better articulate what it is they’re looking for. We sorta don’t really know exactly what we want, but we pretty much think we will know when we see it. It’s like taking a teenaged girl shopping for her first formal dress. 😀


  4. Hi Jim,
    I’m emailing my flat self this time, much quicker & easier, just wanted a location so i can put it with the photos. send me your details to my email address on my post


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